Sarah Jaisser Green

I craft & deliver
human-centered technology.

about me

Hi there! I am a human-centered technologist and experienced product manager. My passion lies in using agile methods to build ethical, socially impactful software. Currently, I'm focused on creating conversational patient engagement solutions (chatbots) for healthcare at LifeLink.

At LifeLink, I have delivered a dozen distinct products for our customers across a wide range of use cases. I'm comfortable managing multiple complex projects at once and navigating uncertainty to guide designers & developers to success. My approach to solving problems centers on human-centered design practices, data-driven decision making, and rapid iteration cycles. A typical day will find me immersed in product roadmapping, defining KPIs, user research, sprint planning, backlog grooming, release management, and stakeholder communication.

I joined LifeLink as the eighth employee and only woman. I championed diversity & inclusion initiatives that have resulted in gender parity and an overall more diverse team today. Outside of work, I'm a proud member of the Women in Product community and am passionate about encouraging people of all backgrounds to pursue a career in technology.

I graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Computer Science & Business Management. My studies also included a variety of courses in the humanities and social sciences. Throughout my education I explored questions at the intersection of technology, society, and human nature.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I am currently based in San Francisco. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, cooking, practicing yoga, reading, and scuba diving.