Sarah Jaisser Green

I craft & deliver
human-centered technology.

about me

Hi there! I'm Sarah, a human-centered technologist and experienced product manager. I am passionate about building systems and tools that improve people's lives and implementing agile practices that help software teams thrive. I have experience launching new products at an early-stage startup as well as modernizing and scaling existing products.

I'm currently a product manager at Fluxx, a cloud platform that powers giving and impact in philanthropy by connecting givers and doers. I lead multiple areas of Fluxx's Grantmaker product. The new programs and features I've owned have enabled $1M+ in new ARR and helped prevent $1.5M+ in churn. My accomplishments include taking over and completing a multi-year initiative to internationalize our platform, proposing and implementing a new program for us to integrate with third-party applications via a middleware partner, and managing the redesign/rebuild of our integration with DocuSign (used daily by over 50% of clients). I was honored to be a finalist for the 2021 Fluxx DNA Award for exemplary performance and embodiment of Fluxx values.

Prior to Fluxx I worked as a product manager at LifeLink, an early-stage startup. I focused on creating SMS- and chat-based patient engagement solutions for our healthcare and clinical research customers. I delivered over a dozen distinct products, which accounted for a 750% increase in ARR and growth from 0 to 16,000 monthly active users. I managed the developer backlog and team practices following a modified Extreme Programming (XP) approach. As the eighth employee and sole woman when I joined the team, I championed various initiatives that led to gender parity at the company and improvement in other key DE&I metrics.

That said, some of my proudest achievements in tech are outside of work. I volunteer with Ragtag, an organization that mobilizes technologists to support progressive causes. Through Ragtag I've served as the product manager for two web apps in partnership with FreeFrom, a nonprofit dedicated to economic justice for survivors of domestic violence. Together we built the Compensation Compass, which provides education on legal paths to compensation in the aftermath of abuse, and the National Survivor Wealth Policy Map, which scores all 50 U.S. states on their domestic violence policies and empowers users to take action. I also volunteer with Tech for Campaigns, which provides tech-based solutions for Democratic candidates for state and local office. I've helped with website design and copywriting as well as SMS-based GOTV initiatives. Finally, I'm a proud member of the Women in Product community and love to mentor people of all backgrounds to pursue a career in product management and tech.

I graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Computer Science & Business Management. My studies also included a variety of courses in the humanities and social sciences. Throughout my education I explored questions at the intersection of technology, society, and human nature.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I currently reside. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, cooking, practicing yoga, reading, scuba diving, and blind-tasting wine.